Robar Ibesh - Lawyer
May 01,2017

Who are asylum seekers and wich legal rules define them. A study about asylum and its procedure in the German law.

Jian Badrakhan - Master of international law
December 19,2016

The Kurds in Syria have been acting under de-facto state regime since 2014. In 2016, they have established the federal system in the region. How can the ongoing system get recognized by the international law?

Jian Badrakhan - Master of International Law
February 01,2013

Since the Kurds in Syria have been controlling their region and administrating it, they could establish a de-facto state and achieve stability in their territory. How far is this state recognized by international law?

Shadi Hagi - Lawyer
April 01,2012

After the independance of Syria, there were many constitutions. All of them did not recognize the existence of the Kurds in Syria and did not respect their rights.

Fawzi Dilbar - Political Science
October 01,2012

What is a federal system and which advantages it can offer, specially for a multicultural country like Syria.

How can the Syrian people get benefits if they implement it in Syria.

December 12,2012

on 21.12.2013 in Erbil, YASA - Kurdish Center for Legal Studies and Consultancies, has published the draft of the constitution's project of the Kurdistan Rojava.

Studies of Western Kurdistan – First stage

YASA e.V. - Kurdish Centre for Legal Studies & Consultancy
December 30,2012

After many months of work and cooperation with many Kurds from both of inside and outside Syria, YASA, the Kurdish Centre for Legal Studies & Consultancy, has created a map of Western Kurdistan.

Jian Badrakhan - Master of International Law
December 01,2012

A report about the Right on Self-determination for the Kurds in Syria in both of the international law and praxis.
This report is in Arabic and will be published soon in English.

YASA - Kurdisches Zentrum für Studien & juristische Beratungen e.V.

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